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In a world seemingly gone madder in all the ways it shouldn’t, I invite you into one of my worlds, Coral Tree: A Costa Rican Canon. This collection is uprooted from my experiences in that luscious little country, cross-bred with magic realism and mystery, then replanted on the page. If you crave and carve time in your day for coffee or cognac with a book, Coral Tree is sweeter than a plate of cookies and as spicy as jalapeño hummus. Not completely sane but definitely non-toxic, it’s tropical sensibility in a manageable size. Ask for it in your favorite bookstore: Coral Tree: A Costa Rican Canon, ISBN 978-1-62288-153-7. Available on, or directly from the publisher: SFASU Press, Nacogdoches, 75962.

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For the sheer exhilaration of words and other pleasures, please purchase my odd  book, a little hardcover novel appropriately titled Eavesdropping: A Little Novel. Available at Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores, and on

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From the dust jacket of Coral Tree: A Costa Rican Canon:   

”YOU’RE TRAVELING IN THE TROPICS, AWASH IN THE MUSIC AND AROMA OF Costa Rica. You experience passion beyond all sanity, an existence where al fits together but might vanish in an instant, and you discover a harsh reality that perhaps rules your life, too. CORAL TREE by Jennifer Weil is a beautiful, beautiful book.”

                                                            Charles Rubin

“CORAL TREE IS A SIREN SONG that makes me want to be in Costa Rica, not as a tourist, but long enough to know the air, the people, the sea… It has the quality of a song cycle as it moves from story to poetry and back again.”

                                                            Cory Antipa

And From the dust jacket of Eavesdropping:

"Desirée is a woman so moral she will risk immortality in her search for moral clarity. Her journey challenges Harry (and the reader) to consider the essence of companionship and self-sacrifice, as well as the meaning of integrity and how to live by it. The questions and the answers depend on conversation, but Dezzy isn't talking, and Harry wonders if one of them is crazy."

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"Eavesdropping is an unflinchingly courageous following of the dynamics of a woman's seemingly deliberate dysfunction... intriguing anaylysis develops as the reader 'eavesdrops' on the questions, the search for answers, and the reasoning presented from the differing perspectives of Dezzy and Harry... One can compare this book of interior monologues... to The Yellow Wallpaper, a classic, by Charlotte Perkins."
--Mary Rudge,
Poet and editor, The Human Face of Love
"J. C. Weil's brilliantly crafted novel... kept me engaged at every turn. I found it a delight for the senses, and I truly felt I was eavesdropping on her dynamic characters."
--Rev. Carol Calvert,
Author, Beitha's Sound
"Remarkable for its compelling, unique style, as well as its quirky story, Eavesdropping takes you on an emotional journey through the corridors of love without avoiding the debris. J. C. Weil's compact novel might make you look at love in a completely new way. It might anger you; at times, I wanted to hurl it against a wall because of what it evoked for me... Eavesdropping is not an easy book to put down, even after you've finished reading it."
--Charles Rubin,
Clio Award winner, and author of Don't Let Your Kids Kill You: A Guide for Parents of Drug and Alcohol
Addicted Children; I'll Get Right Back to You and Other Annoyances;
and 4-F Blues (PEN Award)

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