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Jennifer C. Weil


JENNIFER C. WEIL is an award-winning actor, writer, and poet.  Weil is published in a broad spectrum that includes literary novels, children’s books, newspaper / magazine articles, and plays.


Praise for J.C. Weil's Writing

"You're traveling in the tropics, awash in the music and aroma of Costa Rica. You experience passion beyond all sanity, an existence where al fits together but might vanish in an instant, and you discover a harsh reality that perhaps rules your life, too. CORAL TREE by Jennifer Weil is a beautiful, beautiful book.”

                                                            Charles Rubin
author of "Don't Let Your Kids Kill You" and "I'll Get Right Back to You and Other Annoyances" 

CORAL TREE is a siren song that makes me want to be in Costa Rica, not as a tourist, but long enough to know the air, the people, the sea… It has the quality of a song cycle as it moves from story to poetry and back again.”


Cory Antipa

Professor of Dance History and Cellist with Santa Rosa Symphony

"Nothing short of verbal artwork-- her descriptive style and varied points of view illuminate the broad spectrum of human nature in an incisive yet tasteful way....poetically lays out the artifacts and leaves judgement and interpretation to the reader. I found this made the work engaging, insightful, and hauntingly human."

                                                            Shiloh Carozza

author of "The Misadventures
of Melvin the Missing Sock" and
"The Exile"

In The Press


Jennifer C. Weil bio

Jennifer Weil writes in Michigan and Florida. She takes inspiration from Costa Rica to Michigan, to Florida, to a crossroads in North everywhere she has visited. Her published work includes poetry, plays, short stories, ghost-written material, and children’s books. She is now working on publishing her novels. A union actress with film, television, and numerous theatre credits, she is also the founding producer/writer/director of Acts of God®, a church-based performance group that presented accessible interpretations of scripture, often offbeat and sometimes challenging. Ms. Weil enjoys drawing, painting, swimming, making greeting cards, and making art out of such diverse items as packing materials, scrap wood, leaves, anything at hand. Born and raised in California, she now feels at home in many places.

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