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Coming to Age [The Mind May Change]

in my twenties, aware of women

how much older

no way to say

discrimination lacking

all older is old

early aging equalizes

skin defeated, posture deflated

buckled underwatered saplings                            

stakeless and anemic

lipstick surrendering

fine ravines about the lips

appalling no unthinkable


in my twenties

obligation vow to self: battle

travesty to stay at bay

obligation lacking power to fulfill

exercise food fear sun fear

failing every way that self

delusion ignorance cocooned

vanity, o, hubris hiding shame

Not enough lights, camera, action

catapulting years arrive Pandemic

flesh and psyche illness

assault upon soul even God

recognition: my everywoman fate

mundane assault no woman worth

salt defending salt-gray hair

taken prisoner faded charcoal roots


in my twenties

sun issues spots sun spots

wisdom creases sheer neglect

popped up dots towns on a map

lumpish ranging white red purple

brown brown brown

terrain rough where boy discovered

thing smooth caressed supple taffeta.

cruelest morphosis gravity

nips? tucks? bankroll the futile

one knows cannot stop

bleeding my youth.

So freedom mortality

Embraced it I

Freedom my mortality took on I

gracious gift precious superior

freedom sans frivolity,

erase self-conscious dread

comes freedom blessed,

submitted I wholly what embraced

returned to me my youth

’though few so few save me could see.





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