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There is an advantage for video widows

and widowers with spouses fast glued

to matches and games and olympiads

shown live and replayed on the tube.

While watchers' eyes glaze

and their beers get lukewarm

and the day passes swift into night:

go to lunch, take a walk, swim a mile, call a friend, read a book,

take a tour, see the sights.

Put on your freedom,

be glad for the space

to do as you wish for a while;

he'll never know and she'll never know

why you wear that M. Lisa-like smile!

He's so engrossed,

and she's so engrossed,

they won't even know

you weren't there, but

you won't be carping

at time they've been wasting--

you're productively out of the rut.

The next time you speak

(somewhat grayer but happy),

remember how much you got done;

catch your partner off guard

with a hug and a kiss,

and avow TV sports can be fun.

August 1, 1984


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